Desk-top Humidor $139.95

Desk-top Humidor

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Our desk-top humidor is constructed from solid black walnut and ash.  The box-joint corners create an intriguing & interesting conversation piece.  ¼ Spanish cedar lines the interior of the humidor.  No laminates in this beauty.  Your clients name is laser engraved on the lid of Humidor.

Your Presence: What better way to celebrate special occasions than with a good cigar.  Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries or even job promotions can be celebrated with this unique relationship gift.  The cigar tubes are laser engraved with your clients name and are shipped with a personalized note from you.

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Present2 relationship gifts allow you to build a relationship and maintain a presence with your most valued clients long after you give the initial gift. Offering unique, high quality lifestyle gifts, Present2 gifts provide you an opportunity to be present at all the special occasions in your clients life in a thoughtful, relevant way.