Relationship gifts that establish
and maintain a marketing presence.

Present2 gifts are unique hand made keep-sake type gifts. Each gift is designed with an accessory that compliments the initial gift. The accessory / marketing arm is mailed to your clients through-out the year. These accessories will keep you in front of your most valued client long after you give your intial gift. All accessories are mailed to you clients with a personalized note from you. Present2 gifts: a present today, a presence tomorrow.

Present2 relationship gifts allow you to build a relationship and maintain a presence with your most valued clients long after you give the initial gift. Offering unique, high quality lifestyle gifts,Present2 gifts provide you an opportunity to be present at all the special occasions in your clients life in a thoughtful, relevant way. All gifts are lasered engraved with your clients name, again, creating a very personalized relationship gift.Present2 relationship gifts truely are, the gifts that keep on giving.

Start establishing a presence!