Marketing Presence

20% of your clients generate 80% of your sales

In today's extremely competitive corporate enviroment, staying in front of your most valued clients is essential to your success. Let's face it, your competition is constantly trying to influence your customers. Maintain a presence in the lives of your most valued clients, with a relationship marketing tool / gift.

Offering unique, high quality, lifestyle gifts, Present2 relationship gifts provides you an opportunity to be present at all the special occassions in your client's life, in a thoughtful, relevant way. All gifts are designed with an accessory that functions as a marketing arm. The accessory compliments the initial gift and allows you the ability to stay in front of your most valued clients long after you give the initial gift.

Each gift is laser engraved with your client's name, again, creating a very personalized gift. All accessories are ship by us directly to you client with a personalized note from you. Present2 relationship gifts truely are," The gifts that keep on giving."

At Present2 Marketing we don't just sell top quality, hand made gifts, we provide ...a present today for a presence tomorrow.